Sunday 16 October 2022 22:00

Brandon Mechele: “Luckily Simon came to the rescue again"

Club won at Anderlecht 0-1 but the final quarter was again very tough for the Blues. Brandon Mechele saw everything from the first row.

“In my opinion we did it a bit to ourselves. We stopped attacking and could not keep the ball within the team. Maybe we were also playing a bit too low. That is why Anderlecht came into the match. Luckily Simon came to the rescue again and we win 0-1 because of that. It is incredible what our goalkeeper is capable of. It is wonderful. Especially the ball that he saved in two times was incredible. Honestly I thought the ball would go in target but then he jumps and he can still prevent Anderlecht from scoring with an ultimate reflex. We controlled the entire match from the second half onwards. We created a few chances and it was nice to see how Casper scored the winning goal." (FDC)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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