Wednesday 2 March 2022 23:30

Brandon Mechele: “Need more consistency in our performances”

Brandon Mechele saw a dominant Club, but a more efficient Gent side thwarted Club's hopes on proceeding to the Cup Final.

“We started the game with a 1-0 lead, but that was cancelled out two minutes down the track. So it was starting all over again. We were the more dominant side in the first half, with most possession, and had many textbook situations and corner kicks we did not make the most of. Their second chance again went in. We were taken aback, but kept playing our game, finding the space and trying to be dangerous. After that red card, things became more difficult. They pulled back a bit more and went for the break. And when they scored that 0-3 straight after that red card, it was game over for us. We had high expectations, but we didn't live up to them. We need more consistency in our performances.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

Club was down to ten in most of the second half. "Tissoudali pulled Odoi back, and he tried to free himself. It's a pity his arm struck his face. It was not intentional, you never want to hit that guy. Denis has experience to spare. It's a pity about the timing, as it really made matters even harder on us. But we kept believing in ourselves and play the game we want to play. But we need to be a bit more realistic. Right now, we are disappointed, clearly. We feel like more was in it, particularly before we were down to ten. We were the better team, with dominant play, but alas.”

Club won't have the time to be thinking about this elimination all too long, with the trip to Seraing on the menu on Saturday. “We are seven points behind, so we have got lots of work to do. It's a good thing this game comes quickly. We now have two games to anlyse this game and draw some lessons. Our focus is now on Saturday, winning that title has been our main goal from the start of the season anyway.” (KN)

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