Sunday 2 May 2021 21:45

Brandon Mechele: “We didn't play forward enough”

Brandon Mechele had a tough evening. The defence of the Blues had to concede two goals but Club could keep one point home at the end thanks to a late goal of Dost.

“After the match you can say that we deserved this point but we wanted more", reacted Mechele after the draw. "Our goal was to keep the three points home but we didn't manage to do so today. We didn't take enough risks and did not play like we normally do. Anderlecht brought us into trouble with a lot of pressing and high pressing. At halftime we told ourselves that we had nothing to lose and we played a better second half. However, this wasn't the best Club. We want to win the Championship as quickly as possible but the other teams are making it hard for us." (KN)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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