Brandon Mechele: "Good positioning as a team"

Brandon Mechele scored the important away goal. The defender is scoring fluently the past couple of weeks and increased the chances of the Blues to qualify for the next round next week.


“We had difficulties with their pressure in the first half", admitted Brandon Mechele after the game. "We had the ball but they put high pressure and brought us into trouble. We were more dangerous in the second half. We defended well and did not give away many chances. Overall, our positioning as a team was good."


Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

Brandon Mechele scored the important away goal in the European duel against Dynamo Kiev. “Whether this is the most important goal of my career? I don't know that. I have made other important goals before such as the third goal in a 3-2 victory in the Croky Cup a few years ago. But I think a goal is always important? The past couple of weeks I am lucky to always score the equalizer or the winning goal. The most important thing is that we scored the important away goal. On the other hand, it is pity becuase I have the feeling we were the better team and could have won. So I am standing here with mixed feelings."


The 'Bear of Bredene' played with short sleeves and seemed to have no cold. 'I never played in similar temperatures. I had to adapt to these circumstances as well and I can say you it was fresh. However, you are not focusing on that. The second half is more difficult. You are coming from inside and are having warm. Then you come outside again and it is freezing cold. But only the match counts.' (KN)

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