Brandon Mechele: "Result is exaggerated"

Brandon Mechele recognized that PSG were stronger but wanted to remember the positive things.


"First of all, I find the result is exaggerated. We played well the first half and actually the first hour and the game was more or less in balance. However, they then scored a second and a third goal which was tough to deal with. When Mbappé came on the pitch, you immediately noticed he is playing on another level and he made the difference."


Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

The defender praised Charles De Ketelaere. "Charles played very well. It was his first match on this level so we can only congratulate him. Maybe we missed the experience of our captain Ruud but we have enough experienced players to deal with such situation. That was certainly not the problem." This defeat is not bad for the confidence of the team. "We have to take one match at a time and let's remember the first hour of the game. Our confidence is still ok." TM)

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