Saturday 22 October 2022 23:30

Carl Hoefkens: “Huge learning opportunity today"

Coach Hoefkens was of course disappointed after Club still gave away the victory.

“I think we started well", said the coach. "We perfectly found the openings and were very dangerous. "You then arrive in a situation where you have everything to lose. You are leading 0-2 against 10 men and this is the biggest learning opportunity for us after the match. We have many young players who might have been impressed by the circumstances. That is the most difficult thing in soccer, when you have everything to lose. This was the case in this match and they had nothing to lose anymore. That is what gave them energy and they started playing all or nothing at a certain point in time. We were not calm enough then. It was not good enough when we had the ball and you notice our positioning was not as it should be. Moreover, we also stopped having the right positioning when losing the ball. That feeling creeps into the team and we were never able to recover from that. That is the hardest thing to accept for me today." A comparison was made with the match against STVV were Club also had a man more. "That was indeed also such situation but the Union fans were amazing today. We started panicking after they created a couple of chances. We could not change that anymore which is frustrating. Matches like this happen. We also had that in Lazio Roma to give another example. We ended up with 10 men there and the same thing happened. It is important to learn from this towards the future. When possessing the ball, we often made the wrong choices. We should have had the punch to score a third goal and to recover the ball quickly when losing it. We knew beforehand that they are good on standard situations. It is pity we were not calm enough when defending. You can then notice it creeps into the heads of many. You always get into troubles when that feeling is there. We need to get rid of that and believe in our own qualities to keep on doing the right things. Conclusion: expensive learning money today and that should not happen again in the future", concluded the coach disappointed.


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