Wednesday 12 October 2022 22:00

Carl Hoefkens: “Incredibly proud on my team"

Carl Hoefkens was very proud on his team. The Blues fought for the historical qualification. Thanks to the 0-0 draw Club Brugge are already qualified for the next round in the Champions League after only four fixtures.

"I became two years older in only ninety minutes time", said the coach of the Blues. "We wanted to play dominantly here. We managed to do so during the first quarter but Atlético took the lead then. They even played more aggressive than I expected. It went a bit better in the second half but they replaced three players then. We had to adapt ourselves to our opponent. I don't like doing that but I am incredibly proud on my team. I am very happy we can also play a different type of soccer. I already told it: we often had the feeling to have a chance in the past. However, we were always left behind with empty hands. Today was again such match. Things could have gone either way: 0-1 but also 1-0. If we would have lost, we would have gone home with the idea that we performed well. The biggest step we put is that we are not left behind with empty hands anymore. That is why I am incredibly proud on my team." (SF)

Carl Hoefkens
Carl Hoefkens

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