Friday 26 August 2022 23:30

Carl Hoefkens: “It's clear that we are progressing"

Coach Carl Hoefkens was content with his team's response after the early goal from the hosts.

"It was a sluggish start from our side. Charleroi had a good game paln, but we knew what they were going to do. That is why I'm not happy with the way we started. The goal we concede happened the way we've talked about it beforehand, so we have to do better in the future. But it pleases me how we responded in the first half. We controlled the pace of the game and took our moments."

"In the second half we started defening our lead too early in the game. I don't like to make changes to hold a result and I definitely don't like to make changes in the defensive area, but I had to do it today. Charleroi is a team that puts high pressure, but we still have to be able to create chances. That wasn't the case anymore in the second half, so we'll have to work on that. But I am happy with the way we defended today. We showed strenght and character to fight for every ball. At half-time I told my players to hurt Charleroi on the break. I was thrilled when I saw that we made a third goal on a counter-attacking move."

Carl Hoefkens wasn't just pleased with his forwards. "I'm equally pleased with the way we created our chances. The first goal is a result of our midfield putting the pressure on Charleroi and winning the ball high up the pitch. We scored our second goal because everyone was very focussed in that moment and did the right thing. Bjorn (Meijer) defended well at the back post, Kamal (Sowah) who ran forward with the ball and played it perfectly into the feet of Hans (Vanaken), who then did something great to slip into the path of Jutglà. The goal is not just the result of our strikers, but obviously I'm very pleased with Ferran's clinicalness in front of goal."

The coach saw his team making progress today. "We know what road we're on with the team and that's what matters most to me. It's clear that we're progressing, it's getting better and better. That's the work of the entire team. Not just the coach or the players, but also the board and the people who work hard off the pitch."

Lastly, the coach had some things to say about the transfer period and the possible signing of Onyedika. "I hope he'll be with us soon, because I want the best possible squad to work with. I know he is a quality player, so I'm already looking forward to welcoming him."

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