Thursday 10 November 2022 00:00

Carl Hoefkens: "Not dangerous enough when possessing the ball"

Coach Carl Hoefkens saw how Club could only win after 120 minutes. It turned out to be a tough evening in Maasmechelen.

“It was a hard match tonight. Patro-Eisden was a tough opponent. They played low which made it hard for us to find the openings. We knew they would play like this but it was not easy. It was like a typical FA Cup match in England."

Hoefkens admitted after the match that Club should be able to create more chances. "We had to be better when possessing the ball and wanted to create more possibilities to score. We agree that we should have done better. We were not able to create danger when possessing the ball although I saw a collectively strong performance of my team. My boys were fighting for 120 minutes."

The coach also mentions the past couple of months have been tough, both mentally and physically. Such Cup match is not an easy win then. "Patro made it hard for us to find the openings. I want to congratulate them with their performance and the way we were received here. Whether their way of playing was sometimes on the edge? Maybe but I have no problems with that."

The coach also looked ahead to the final match before the World Cup break, on Sunday at home against Antwerp. "We will have to be better on Sunday. It will be a totally different match. Antwerp will also be eager to win. We will now prepare ourselves for that match so we can go into the break with a victory."


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