Wednesday 7 September 2022 23:45

Carl Hoefkens: "Very happy with the team reaction"

A beaming Club coach after Club's CL win against Leverkusen. Carl Hoefkens had some words of praise for his young player Abakar Sylla too.

The first topic at the press conference could not be anything else than Man of the Match Abakar Sylla. "Abakar is the work of the entire Club staff", the coach started out. "First of all of our scouting team, who managed to pick him up and convince him to sign at Bruges. He then showed his mettle at Club NXT, where he has been managed well too. Early this year, he joined our group, showcasing a lot of quality at training. He is a natural born leader, something he learned in his training. Add in his game in possession, and you get a great player. There are still some working points, obviously, but he's being coached in that department too. It's fair to say that he is another diamond in the rough for our team. He now needs to make sure to avoid the trap presented by becoming a hype, everyone will start talking about hime. This is an entirely new situation, and we will help him in this as good as we can."

The coach also addressed the four man defense. "It is not as if we have played a different system than in the past couple of weeks. Our system is a hybrid one, in which we can easily switch from three man in defense to four man. Today's game urged for a four man defense, and I'm happy with how the team reacted to that. We fought until the bitter end, and that's what we should be doing in every single game. We do realise we cannot bring that quality in every game for ninety minutes on end, but if we show the same mentality as today, we'll be coming a long way."

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