Sunday 21 August 2022 17:00

Casper Nielsen: “Third goal would have made it easier on us”

Another fine performance by Casper Nielsen in midfield; the Dane is clearly getting acquainted with his new circumstances, going for goal on several occasions, unfortunately without as much success as in last week's encouter at OHL.

“Plenty of chances for us, but our finishing came with a bit of bad luck today. I'm happy we kept attacking, except by the end of the game when Kortrijk threw all of their chips on attack. A third goal would have made it much easier on us. It's a well deserved win, and it was particularly in the first half that we performed well. The pitch was dry, something we needed to take into account. Their goalie also pulled in a massive performance. I had a good opportunity with my left foot. I hope we get to score more on Friday.”

Nielsen has quickly made his way to the Starting XI. “I'm feeling at home more and more. Plenty of new players, and a new playing style. It all takes some time, which we don't have, but we're seeing progress on a weekly basis. This type of play takes up a lot of energy. I'm sure things will work out even better in the coming weeks."

Casper Nielsen
Casper Nielsen

In the meantime, the press is having a field day with the interest Hans Vanaken sparked abroad. “We know how it goes in football. Should he consider this the best time to leave, so be it. That's all part and parcel in football. I lived the same in this transfer window. It can be taxing, mentally. He's a terrific player, and a professional to boot. I love playing with him in midfield, he swerves around me. It takes some adapting too, because when he's on the right wing, I'm taking care of the left side. I try to help him improving by creating the necessary space for him. We find each other well, Kortrijk had a tough time fighting us off.” (KN)

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