Monday 15 March 2021 23:30

Charles De Ketelaere: “Feels great to be winning 0-4 here”

Along with Denswil and Rits, Charles De Ketelaere came on in the second half and gave the game a bit of a shake. The young Bruges player first teed up Dost on his way to the opening goal, and scored Club's second upon a Vanaken assist.

“We had trouble breaking out in the first half. There was space, and we made better use of it in the second half. We needed to break out more, and start winning more duels. That went just fine in the second half. Four goals in one half, no reason for complaining. That's also what's expected of substitutes, particularly when things aren't really going your way at half-time. You' re called upon to make the difference, and that's what the three of us did. That was just great. We managed to set aside that game at Charleroi. It feels great to be beating Gent here 0-4.”

Charles De Ketelaere
Charles De Ketelaere

A splendid through-ball to set up Dost for Club's opener was followed up with a fine goal minutes later. "I saw Bas getting rid of his man, I chip the ball and he finishes brilliantly. When I scored, I felt the space opening up, I was delivered the ball just great, and I just had to fire to get it in. It's true that I want to be scoring more myself, but it will take more efforts on goal too. Only too often I still look for that pass. I have to try and shoot myself, and be a bit more selfish at times.”


Club's lead is now at 19 units. “We're not looking at that gap. We will be enjoying this result and start focussing on our game on Sudnday against Antwerp. We will be playing that game as if we are level in the ranking. To me personally, it's not hard maintaining that focus. We all have our personal goals, and every player wants to put in good performances too. When you're in fine spirits with the team, it all goes that bit easier. We want to claim that title as a team, and win every game.” (KN)

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