Wednesday 11 May 2022 23:15

Charles De Ketelaere: “Try and finish it off on Sunday at Antwerp"

Another thrilling encounter between the best two teams in the league this season, as Club Brugge once again held off Union, earning a big bonus in view of becoming the new champions. Charles De Ketelaere was still very much in the moment as he had his talk with the press afterward.

“You can congratulate me on our win today, but no congrats on the title", De Ketelaere remained level-headed. "It's correct that we have taken a massive step towards that title today, but there's still two games to be played. Union will surely be very disappointed, but we shouldn't think it's all over just yet. We just need to stay calm and try and finish it off at Antwerp on Sunday. It was another really tough game. No matter how you look at it, Union has a really good outfit. They've been the underdog for such a long time now, but they're just a very solid team with many options. Today's game also had some key moments, such as that Mignolet save just before half-time, that second yellow for Machida and even more. But in the end all that counts is that 1-0. Things can still go wrong, but they really shouldn't. We're so close now, and we want to reel that new title in.” (FDC)

Charles De Ketelaere
Charles De Ketelaere

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