Wednesday 3 November 2021 23:15

Charles De Ketelaere: "Two games left to show we deserve our place in the Champions League"

Charles De Ketelaere displayed his skills a few times, but was unlucky in front of goal despite playing a huge role in the equalizer. It was his cross that ricochated via Silva and Jones in goal.

"It was a difficult game for me against some of the best defenders. In Belgium there are plenty of good defenders as well, but this is another level", said De Ketelaere after the match. "We tried to do more than just defend, so the 4-1 endresult is a hard one to take. In the first half, after the equalizer, we felt good on the pitch. We prevented City of creating good chances. But we knew they would start piling the pressure on us in the second half, so it's a shame that we condede three more goals. Eventhough we can't blame ourselves after our permance, we didn't come here to suffer a 4-1 defeat. I can't say I'm not dissapointed."

On 24 November Leipzig travels to Jan Breydel. "We have two games left to show that we deserve our place in the Champions League, starting with the game against Leipzig." (EV)

Charles De Ketelaere
Charles De Ketelaere

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