Clement and Deli on Club-LASK: “Ready for another night to remember”

History in the making: that's what tomorrow's game will be for one of the two teams trying to make it to the Champions League group stages. To see a Belgian runner-up make it through the preliminaries takes us back 15 years. "We are ready for another night to remember at Jan Breydel", indicated Philippe Clement and Simon Deli on the eve of the game.

Philippe Clement : “Specific game plan”

Team tactics at the Linzer stadium worked out great for Blauw-Zwart, keeping a clean sheet and scoring a vital away goal.


“In that respect, Linz will not be able to surprise me”, Philippe Clement offered his pre-game views on Club's 313th European mission. "I expect a simiilar approach by Linz on Wednesday, with lots of pressure from the very first minute. It was no different in their game in Basel and in their league game against Salzburg. After what we saw last week in Austria, we are extra prepared and cautious.”


“A short review of the Austrian media shows that our opponent is super motivated to throw a spanner in the works. We can expect a promising story of football: a highly eager Blauw-Zwart against a super motivated Linz. We have a specific plan to try and tackle this game and make sure we come out with the longest straw.”


Those who reckon a draw would please Clement and his troops should be in for a surprise.


‘A win is what we're going for. It's in this group's DNA and is part and parcel with the club. I don't want to start thinking about prolongations or even penalty kicks. Mind you, I'm not dreading it either, as I have some fond memories of likewise scenarios, most of all with Club. Just remember our wins against Donetsk, Dortmund and Valerengen. We hope can seal the deal inside the ninety minutes. A possible disappointment is not in my mind. You might as well ask what I will do should WW III erupt. Club wants to write history, nothing more, nothing less.”

Simon Deli : “Made the absolute most of our 'free' weekend”

With a couple of five star performances, Club's newest Ivory Coast signing has made quite a name for himself. Deli will not hear of him being the most important link in Club's defense, however.


“There's no use in praising me to the skies", Deli prefers to keep it modest. "We are all important; the team is what matters most and that's that. When we took on the season, making it to the Champions League group stages was one of our main goals. We are now in the brink of reaching it, and Club just has to grab it with two hands. We already took a major step in the right direction in Austria, but an even tougher mission awaits on Wednesday. We are fully prepared, 200% ready. With our 'free' weekend, the technical staff and the players made the most of it to gear up. Both on Saturday and on Sunday, some fiery training sessions were on the menu, making sure we get ready for LASK in the best of circumstances.’’

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