Clinton Mata: “That equaliser gave us wings”

Clinton Mata's rush down the right wing surely gave Club's fans a rush to the head. Taking two Genk players in speed, and curling a perfect assist to the far post where Diatta tapped it in with a stroke of perfection. Mata put in one hell of a performance, and was beaming as he left the pitch.


“What set our two halves apart is really simple. We were good in the first half, but after the break we played with much more spirit and drive. We really had wings after our equaliser. We all know just how important this game was, and with the support of our fans we managed to bring Genk to their knees. Every Belgian team knows it's hard to beat us on our own turf, and today goes to show. We did what we had to do, but we're still three points behind. The final result will be determined by Genk's score in the last two games.”

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

Any which way, Club Brugge needs to win its final two games, starting on Thursday at Standard de Liège. "It'll be a tough game, you'll see. They may be having a bad run, but at home against Club, they're always capable of that litlle bit more. I can't imagine them letting it slide in front of their fanatic home audience. On the other hand, I don't think the game at Anderlecht will be a walk in the park for Genk either, as they also owe somethig to their fans. It's not over and done yet, and that's just how it should be.” (FDC)

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