Monday 22 February 2021 00:15

Clinton Mata: “This is our reference match”

Clinton Mata was voted Man of the Match after the victory against OHL. The full-back not only performend well in defence, but he got his name on the score sheet after scooping the ball over Romo.

"It wasn't an easy match today. At the end you can say it was a great night, but we had to play our best today. It wasn't perfect, because we can always improve, but still this was a reference match. It's always our goal to get a clean sheet and if you create chances like we did today, then you win games. We're proud of our work. There are players who've played their first minutes today, youngsters who have been given a chance. This victory is one for the players and staff who are at home in quarantine."

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

The full-back looks back to another strong game. "It's because of my personality and mentality that I play the way I do. It's "No sweat, no glory" every single game. Each game is important to me, I play like it's a final. I'm happy to be on the pitch so I give everything. It's all in the mind, there are no easy games. At the moment we have nothing in our hands. We need to keep focus and trust that we will achieve our goals." (KN)

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