Sunday 23 January 2022 16:00

Clinton Mata: “Based on the number of chances, we should have won this match"

Clinton Mata helped goalkeeper Simon Mignolet in the end to prevent the winning goal of Standard. The defender avoided that the Blues had to return home with empty hands.

“It was a good match from both sides. But if you look at the number of chances, we should have won this match. We allowed them to grow and they got faith towards the end. They almost scored the winning goal at thend. Luckily I could avoid that. It is my job to stand there and help the team. We put high pressure and they were strong on the counterattack. You have to be able to put high pressure but you should also defend carefully then. I was often playing in front but I was not always back on time. Ruud Vormer and Brandon Mechele took my place then which gave me the chance to return and to take my position in defence." 

In the meantime it becomes more and more visible how coach Schreuder wants to play. "'Everyone already saw against Sint-Truiden how the coach wants to play. We have to continue in this way. Buchanan is a player with a lot of technique who can make the difference on any moment. It is good for us that our substitutes can make the difference." (KN)

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