Clinton Mata: “Show we are ready week after week”

Clinton Mata speelde alweer een dijk van een wedstrijd. De Angolese Belg neutraliseerde zijn rechtstreekse tegenstander Lamkel Zé volledig en kon bovendien ook voor aanvallende impulsen zorgen.


“We absolutely needed to win this game, particularly as we lost over there. We needed the win for our fans, and for ourselves. We showed we aren't dead just yet, with those three recent draws in mind. We just lacked a bit of efficiency and luck in those last three games. We want to show we are ready week after week, and give away as little as we can. Debate about Vanaken's goal? VAR awarded it, and that's what they are here for. The ref gave it after the linesman attributed the goal. It must have been clear, and not a 50/50 decision. I was too far off to see it for myself. With our new striker, we now have more options up front. We can definitely make use of him. His very first action should have been a goal, really.” (KN)

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

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