Thursday 28 January 2021 21:45

Clinton Mata: “Wasn't our best performance"

Club stayed away from its top level against Cercle, but won the derby in the end. Clinton Mata had no trouble admitting today's game was tougher than expected.

“This was definitely not our best performance", Club's defender admitted. "It turned out to be a strenuous affair for us. Particularly in the first half, we were well below our usual level, albeit that their line-up also played its part. We were in control of the ball, but it all went too slowly in order to unsettle Cercle. There is simply no comparing with our game against Genk, when we put so much energy into that game. But that shouldn't come as an excuse for this game.”

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

Once again Brandon Mechele will be reaching the headlines, having scored in two consecutive games now. Have we found our new goalgetter? “Oh, I wouldn't put it like that," Mata continued. “But I'm really happy for him. Afgter a dry spell of two and a half years, he now scores twice in two games, and that's just typical. It's such a pity that fans still are not allowed, just imagine what the games against Genk and Cercle would have been like with our supporters. What I take from this game is that we are three points richer, and that we can now host the game against Standard on Sunday in full confidence.” (FDC)

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