Sunday 11 April 2021 21:15

Clinton Mata: "It's our own fault"

Clinton Mata could not prevent the Blues from conceding two goals in only four minutes time. As a result, Club went home with empty hands.

“I have no words for this", said Clinton Mata. "We won't look for excuses. This is our own fault. You may never allow the opponent to come back in the game when you have the lead. We have to look into the mirror. We allow them to come back and they benefit from a small error from our side. That can happen in soccer of course and it doesn't matter who makes the mistake. It is just a matter of focusing on the man in the box. They scored immediately when getting a bit of space and you pay that cash when facing good players."


Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

Club still have the lead but the first opponents are coming closer. "It won't be easy in PO1. We will have to win matches because the pressure is increasing. But we can only lose from ourselves. We have to straighten our backs now. The alarm already went off against Antwerp." (KN)

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