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Club Brugge shoots the works for No Heart/No Glory

With a new social campaign every year, Club picks a different partner to grace its jerseys in the yearly campaign of friendlies. After ‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ (Let's Beat Cancer Together), ‘Make a Wish’, ‘Go for Zero’, ‘Child Focus’ en ‘Te Gek!?’(Make Psychological Problems Debatable), Blauw Zwart now launches its new campaign with the motto ‘No Heart/No Glory’.

Back in 2010, Club launched its motto No Sweat/No Glory, a new base line summing up all of Club's values in one singular sentence. Club Brugge's cleary itentity as a warm club for the people is also embraced off the pitch, giving central role to supporting each other even when the going gets tough. Club is now launching a new slogan with No Heart/No Glory, encompassing several actions this season about four subjects:

A heart for all: We want to be an open Club, with a place for everyone, a place where anyone can share his Club feeling, no matter the background, conviction or possibilities.

A heart for sports: We want to get people to exercise and offer a thought out sports offering, even for those who cannot find what they need in a regular offering.

A heart for health: Health takes first place in the world of sports. We want to bring that message to all of our fans, and to the entire community with several health projects.

A heart for education: Through various education projects, we will be lining up our Bruges role models to help educate our youngsters and fans.

Club Brugge shoots the works for No Heart/No Glory
Club Brugge shoots the works for No Heart/No Glory

Iedereen stapt mee in het verhaal

Not only within our own Club Brugge Foundation, but everywhere at Club we will be rolling out this campaign. Our first team will be sporting the slogan on their chest in the campaign of friendlies. The Club Brugge Academy will be wearing the new logo during their games the entire season, and several actions will be set up to endorse the four No Heart/No Glory pillars.


In order to further endorse the campaign throughout the season, our women's team, fans and business partners will be involved in this story. Check out our third jersey at our friendly in Heist on Sunday, and make sure you don't miss us on the Stadium Run and our Fan Day on 30 June!

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