Sunday 22 May 2022 21:45

Denis Odoi: “Haven't regretted joining Club for one bit”

The Winter mercato brought Denis Odoi to Club; Club's number six again put in a rock solid performance against Anderlecht. No wonder he was beaming after the game.

“It was quite the run after the New Year, which lead us to this league win", Odoi started his press talk. "But with a lot of talent and a lot of character as a team we managed to grab that third consecutive title. My transfer came about in a very short amount of time, but when Club Brugge comes knocking, you just don't doubt. I haven't regretted coming here for one bit. Things have been great in a sportive respect surely, but it's also going great personally too. It was a bit of pity we were kept from making that round of the stadium afterwards with our family, but I can surely understand the fan's urge to be part of it all again after two years. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow's celebrations in the city of Bruges. Unfortunately for me, my season has not come to an end just yet, as I still have four games to play for Ghana end of May, but we're going to take that one along with us.” (FDC)

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