Wednesday 11 May 2022 23:30

Denis Odoi: “It's in our own hands"

Denis Odoi saw Union putting pressure but the Blues scored when the visitors arrived up with ten men and kept the three points home in this way.

“We are relieved and happy with these two consecutive victories", said Denis Odoi. "We certainly did not play our best match but that has been the case during the entire Champions' play-offs. The three points are the only thing that matters. Union started with one or two chances. They came here to put pressure and to score. We had a lot of space on the counterattack but we did not manage to score. That red card turned the situation around. When they scored I thought: this can't be true. But we were lucky. I did not see it on screen but it is what it is."

The Blues can win a third consecutive Championship when they win on Sunday. "We have everything in our own hands. We know what we have to do, winning at Antwerp. The match still has to be played because we are not mathematically certain yet. We have to focus on our own match. Duels with Brugge are big matches for Antwerp and Anderlecht. Antwerp needs to prove themselves in the play-offs to show they are not the smallest team of the four teams in PO1. Our last match against Antwerp was tough. I hope we can decide the Championship on Sunday. It doesn't matter who our opponent is, it is up to us. We know our objective and have to bring the three points home on Sunday!" (KN)

Denis Odoi
Denis Odoi

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