Wednesday 19 September 2018 00:15

Dion Cools: “History repeats”

Just before the hour mark, Dion Cools came on for a battered Thibault Vlietinck. Club's international U21 had difficulty coming to terms with the 0-1 defeat.

“History repeats. Just like two years ago, we played a very decent game, with chances to win, and a silly goal by the end. It's a blow. In all honesty, I don't know how their goal came about, but I think it chipped off that Dortmund player's heel in goal. I don't reckon you can concede a sillier goal. I don't believe we are much to blame, but unfortunately that won't bring us any points.” (FDC)

Dion Cools
Dion Cools

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