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Eidur Gudjohnsen: "Happy to be taking this step"

Club and Cercle Brugge have agreed upon Eidur Gudjohnsen's immediate transfer yesterday. Gudjohnsen, signing a contract until 30 June 2014, completed medical tests successfully this morning, and was presented to the press in the afternoon. 

Taking the stage first was <strong>Arnar Gretarsson</strong>. &ldquo;I&#39;m very happy to be able to present Eidur Gudjohnsen today. Half an hour ago, we were informed the medical tests were fine, so it&#39;s all settled then&nbsp; I&#39;m convinced he will help the team both on and off the pitch. With his personality, he can have an impact on our team, still tender of age mostly. With his experience, he can take our youngsters to a higher level. Negotiations have not been easy, but fortunately it all turned out well.</p>
<strong>Eidur Gudjohnsen</strong>, who will be wearing nr 22, is also pleased with this new step in his career. &ldquo;I&#39;m happy I&#39;m able to take this step. I&#39;m proud of this new big step, especially looking back at the past year. I&#39;m convinced that I can still play at this level, and I will try to score many goals for my new team. I also wish to thank everyone at Cercle Brugge. I have spent a couple of great months there, and I do realise this step comes with some sensitivity, but I still want to thank everyone for making this possible.</p>

<strong>The transfer is indeed an emotional one. What do you think about this yourself?</strong><br />
<strong>Gudjohnsen</strong>: Nothing happened without Cercle Brugge being informed, which makes it all the easier. Club first contacted the team, and it was all finalised through these channels. Other teams in Europea also informed, but I know this league now, and I fit in perfectly in Club Brugge&#39;s ambitions.</p>
<strong>Just how important is Arnar Gretarsson in this decision?</strong><br />
<strong>Gudjohnsen</strong>: It is a bit of a coincidence that we end up here at the same time. I&#39;m not signing for Arnar, but for Club Brugge. It does help, of course, that we know each other. We will work professionally together at this club. Off the pitch, we can still be friends.</p>

Are you happy with the 18 month contract?
Gudjohnsen: Yes, that was very important to me. I have wandered about quite a bit lately, and having the certainty of staying here for one and a half years, makes me happy.

How does it feel to be able to win prizes again?
Gudjohnsen: A team the likes of Club Brugge is at the top of Belgium. Ambitions are sky high, and I hope to add in this too. I'm experienced when it comes to playing for silverware. I found it very alluring to be able to win titles here again.

Arnar, when did you realise this Gudjohnsen could be an opportunity for Club?
Gretarsson: I know Eidur, and I can assess how he sees football. I'm fully convinced that we will be looking back upon a solid transfer after these 18 months. He was determined to come to Club, and has the burning ambition to win prizes, just like all of us. I hope we can achieve this together.

Did this transfer hurt the understanding with Cercle Brugge?
Gretarsson: I sure hope not, that as never the intention. Transfers are part and parcel with football, and we're all professionals. Everyone has the utmost respect for Cercle Brugge, and for us it would also be better if they could stay in the top flight. When a club comes with an offer a player can't refuse, there's nothing you can do to stop him. That also goes for us. I hope we can work together under good terms, and that we will be able to play Bruges derbies again next season.

I'm experienced when it comes to playing for silverware. I found it very alluring to be able to go for it again here at Club.

Eidur Gudjohnsen

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