Tuesday 1 October 2019 22:45

Emmanuel Dennis: “A point at Bernabéu is brilliant”

A true torment to the Real Madrid defense, Emmanuel Dennis scored two and even came close to clinching a hattrick.

“Bagging the three points would have been an even better feeling. Everyone expected Real to brush us off easily, but we came well prepared, with full belief in our own qualities. We believed something was in it for us here. When we took a 0-2 lead, it felt great, but it's in the back of your mind that a top team like that can still set things straight. I'm a tad disappointed about that one point. But it's a good thing that we managed to get a point away at Bernabéu. It's still a massive team, a big name.”

Emmanuel Dennis
Emmanuel Dennis

Dennis looked back on his two goals. “I wanted to control the ball to have the keeper lie down with that first goal, but I missed my control and got out of balance and managed to get it in with my other foot. With that second goal I controlled the ball and wanted to fire straight away, but when I saw Courtois come out at large, I decided to chip it. It's a pity about that third opportunity, the keeper saved it well. I didn't want to go for that corner, but he really forced me to. A tattoo because I scored here? I tend to joke when I see a camera (laughs).” (MDK)

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