Thursday 20 February 2020 22:45

Emmanuel Dennis: “Anything can happen in football, also at Old Trafford"

Emmanuel Dennis put Club in the lead after sloppy play by the Manchester United defense. A deep ball by Mignolet was eagerly met with by the Nigerian, slotting in the 1-0 with a perfect lob.

“I asked for that ball when he kicked it, and immediately went deep. I saw it would land at the perfect moment, and that the keeper had left his goal. I put it over him, and was glad it went in. In the second half, we had another great chance to make it 2-1, but we were unable to score more. We also had some fine chances in the first half. And then there was that penalty situation right at the start of the game, but the VAR didn't budge. I thought it was a red card, as he went in with both feet hitting me right on the leg. He definitely did not touch the ball.”

Emmanuel Dennis
Emmanuel Dennis

After his two goals at Real Madrid, Dennis know adds another big name to the list of the teams he scored against. "I always try to score when I get the chance. Sometimes it works out well, and sometimes it doesn't. I just want to score goals for the team. But I'm not happy with how the game went. More was in it. We wanted the win, but didn't succeed. We now have to work towards that second leg at Old Trafford. Everything's possible in football, we will see what happens there.” (KN)

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