Wednesday 3 May 2017 12:20

Erhan Masovic to join Club Brugge

Club Brugge and Serbian FK Cukaricki have reached an agreement as to the transfer of Erhan Masovic (18). The Serbian defender will be signing a 4-year deal at Club Brugge.

Masovic had made his way to the seniors of his mother club FK Cukaricki. A talented central defender, also capable of playing the nr 6, Masovic is on the brink of a national team selection, having gone through all national youth ranks.

Masovic has signed a contract at Blauw-Zwart, binding him to the club for four years. He will be Club's third signing, after Acolatse and Mera.

Milan Lesnjak, former Club Brugge player and head of youth training at FC Cukaricki: “I know Erhan well, and I brought him on with the first team last season. Technically skilled, disciplined, a good header, ... Even if he wins duels, he's the type of defender who prefers passing his way out of a situation than just clearing the ball. This also helps him out on the defensive midfielder post.. He's a real team player, and I'm certain he's ready to take that next big step.”

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