Sunday 24 February 2019 18:15

Ethan Horvath: “Fans gave us support and adrenalin”

The fact that Club Brugge grabbed a point at Anderlecht is in no small part due to Ethan Horvath's fine saving. The American goalie was called upon a couple of times to save the day.

"I didn't go full stretch with that first goal. I wasn't sure whether I could hit it, so I held back. After that, I was able to produce some saves, fortunately. I'm happy to have contributed to this result. A couple of saves were great. We really did not want to lose this game, which gave me the extra boost. All that travelling makes it hard sometimes to stay focused and fit, but the fans gave us a lot of support and adrenalin, thanks to their devotion in our games. It just goes to show how great a club this is, and this can only work in our advantage during the play-offs, when the games come in quick succession." (JDN)

Ethan Horvath
Ethan Horvath

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