Sunday 24 September 2017 20:30

Ethan Horvath: “Important to keep on winning”

Last season Ethan Horvath made his official debut for the Blues at Charleroi. Today he was the match winner because of two crucial saves.

“It is a team sport but I am of course very happy with those two saves. Sometimes you need some luck. I tried to make myself as big as possible and could still touch the ball with my hand."

Ethan Horvath
Ethan Horvath

Not only the level of the goalkeeper is increasing but also the level of the entire team. "It is important to keep on winning. You make it easier in that way. Trying things on training which subsequently work during the game creates satisfaction. I always try to improve my own performance by training as hard as possible. And I feel it goes better and better by doing so." (SF)

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