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Høgli: "Build upon last Saturday's foundations"

Yesterday morning, Tom Høgli had a talk with the press, offering his views on the upcoming encounter with Lokeren, and looking back at what happened in the past couple of months. Not everything went exactly according to plan for him.

<strong>Tom, let&#39;s start with Sunday&#39;s game at Lokeren. Not exactly a walk in the park, is it?</strong><br />
No, definitely not, I expect a difficult game.</p>
<strong>Last week, coach Garrido claimed that the home game vs OH Leuven was a crucial one. But aren&#39;t the following two games, Lokeren away and Anderlecht home, equally important?</strong><br />
For sure. But all games are very determining from now on. After Lokeren and Anderlecht there&#39;s also Zulte Waregem and the derby against Cercle, all of them tough game.</p>
<strong>Out of all top teams, Blauw-Zwart has the toughest list of fixtures?</strong><br />
May be, but we need to make sure we are fit for the job. By the end of the season, everyone will have played everyone, so it&#39;s now up to us to show we can also perform in top games.</p>
<strong>What do you think of Lokeren?</strong><br />
They are a sturdy team. They have really surprised me this season, with soem great football and excellent results.</p>
<strong>After the win against OH Leuven, are you looking towards this game in confidence?</strong><br />
Yes, I do hope so. That win was a vital one. I hope we can continue on that good performance, and build upon the foundations laid there.</p>

Everyone thought you would be making a career move during the Winter mercato. Did you spark any interest?
Yes, some teams indicated they were interested. In all honesty, when we left for the training week in Marbella with the team, I also thought I would be leaving the club during the break for another team. But after a very good talk with General Manager Vincent Mannaert I realised that I didn't want to leave as such, but as I was not playing, I reckoned it would be the best thing for both parties. But well, the situation has changed now. I'm in the starting line-up again, and that's positive for me. I definitely don't want to put my interests higher than that of the team, as the team prevails, obviously. But it's only logical that it's nice for me to be playing too.

How did you deal with your status as a substitute?
I always stayed positive. I worked extra hard with physical coach Joost Desender, trying to stay in shape. I don't easily give up, and I give it 100% at training.

Does that have to do with self-confidence?
No, more likely with respect. You see, I signed a contract here, and I'm paid to play for Club Brugge.When I'm not playing, it's my duty to train well and to help the team make progress.

That's an admirable quality. I guess the coach dreams of players with this attitutde?
I do hope so. I just think it's important to remain professional and to keep working hard. Should I not be playing on Sunday, it's clear that I will be disappointed, but I will never cause a riot.

When I'm not playing, it's my duty to train well so the team can further progress.

Tom Høgli

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