Tuesday 1 November 2022 22:15

Hans Vanaken: “A draw is the correct result”

A goalless draw for Club at Leverkusen; according to skipper Hans Vanaken, this result gave the right reflection of the game.

“A 0-0 draw was a correct result, if you ask me", Club's skipper started out  just minutes after the final whistle. "I reckon we were the better team in the first half, and had a couple of chances to open the score, among others through that shot by Kamal Sowah that was denied by their goalie. We started out with a great offensive in the second half, with Buchanan hitting the crossbar. The feeling was that whoever scored first would bring it home, but in the end no one scored, so a draw was the correct result. In games like this it all boils down to details, but that's how it is. Porto managed to win, which makes them group winners, but that is in no way a setback .You hope for more, obviously, and we came close, but in the end we should be very proud of our Champions League campaign, with eleven points reaped, something no one had expected, really.”(FDC)

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