Hans Vanaken: “In full control”

A plethora fo chances for Club after the early opener, but it took a second half Hans Vanaken penalty kick to draw level.


“It really shouldn't have been so tight today", the Golden Boot started out. "We were in full control after that early opener. We must have had four clear chances, but were unable to score. At half time, we told eacher we just had to go for it at 100%, and it worked out well. We really should have scored that third after that 1-2. We should have created a man more situation in the turnaround, and make the most of the space offered, but unfortunately we were unable to kill the game earlier on.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

As ref Lardot pointed towards the spot a second time, Vanaken allowed Wesley to take the spot kick. “It's vital for a striker to be scoring goals. He hadn't scored in three monts, and that weighs in on a player. You sometimes have to throw each other a bone. That is why I decided it was okay for him to take that penalty kick. I hope it will boost his confidence.” (SF)

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