Hans Vanaken: “Better than Antwerp for the entire ninety minutes”

With Faris Haroun clinging to Hans Vanaken like a magnet, Club's midfielder had all the trouble in the world finding free space. By the end of the game, the Golden Boot once again showed his mettle by lobbing the sole goal of the day past a hapless Bolat.


“It's not all that evident to be creating ten to fifteen chances against a team the likes of Antwerp. We should hav decided the game earlier on, but it's still 1-0 and that's all that counts. In the first half, that final ball wasn't always good, and we often took the wrong decisions. Things went better in the second half, and we scored. The action started on the right, ended up with Siebe, who neatly backheeled it towards me. I went for goal, but it's not too clear whether it actually went in or not. My gut feeling says it went in. I protested, the ref blew the whistle and wasn't called back by VAR. It's in our advantage for once, but we have had it not going our way many times too. It all balances out in the end. The only way to avoid these discussions is by installing goal line technology. Maybe they can look into that, it takes away all doubt. I didn't get in possession all that much, but it's nto the first time Haroun plays man on man against me. Still I was able to score and prove decisive, so maybe he didn't do that good a job. In any case, we deserved this win. We were better than Antwerp for the full ninety minutes. They just couldn't create any danger.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Point loss in the past couple of weeks lead to some bouts of criticism, but that didn't unsettle the group. “Those three draws could just as easily have been three wins. There's nothing to worry about, we just keep going full speed. Our confidence remains, but we also took some lessons from those games. Against Kortrijk, we made some mistakes that lead to their two goals. Today against Antwerp, it was a bit more of a battling game, and the group reacted well to this. Against both Charleroi and Antwerp we kept a clean sheet. This was a game offering us the chance to put some more distance between us. We want to win every game, and try to get as big a gap as we can before taking on the Play-offs. We are taking it one game at a time, and keep working hard to reach our goals. Plenty of games are coming. The league is our main target, but there's also the Cup and the Europa League. Lots of motivation for every competition.” (KN)

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