Hans Vanaken: “Can be proud of our European campaign”

Hans Vanaken gave it everything he's got, but was forced to bow for the English. A 5-0 defeat for Club, seeing its European adventure grind to a halt at Manchester.


“Man United started out with lots of gusto. But when we started playing football, we found our way through too. You need to avoid going down to ten, as it gets really hard with one down. Simon was gutted. He realised it was a silly error, but things like that can happen. He has already given us so much this season, so chin up and get back on track for Sunday. It then went to 3-0 too quickly. We tried limiting the damage after that, and by the end we lacked the juice to keep it at 3-0. A very unsettling evening for us. You dream of good things here, but that didn't pan out. Too much ball loss, and in Europe, you pay it in spades. There are many lessons to draw from this, and on Sunday it's another hefty task. 5-0 is always painful, but we can look back on our campaign with a positive mind. We should all be disappointed tonight, and tomorrow too, but after that it's full focus on the league and on the Cup.” (SF)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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