Hans Vanaken: “Could have gone either way”

After a great exchange with Ruud Vormer, Hans Vanaken was neatly set up to make it 2-1 to Club just before half-time. His goal turned out the winner in the first clash of the season.


“A solid win for us", Vanaken started out. "We were flying from the start, with immediate pressing, and we scored from our second corner kick. Unfortunately, we allowed them the initative after that, albeit without any big chances, but they started finding the free man and equalised. From the 35th minute, we took over again, and managed to score. It was of great importance to head for the dressing rooms with a lead. The second half could have gone either way. They tried from long range, and we had trouble with that last ball. An open game; we fought until the end and managed to seal the deal. Even if we should have scored more. Dennis could have pulled back a bit better, and in the second half there were some more chances inside their box. For me too, I should have aimed for goal myself at times instead of handing it to someone else. We should be tough on ourselves and be more efficient. But we won, and that's what matters. It's important, but nothing more than that either. We can take this performance to get even better. It's a confidence booster, as we don't want to drop any points at home. Anderlecht had been in fine form, and a defeat would have meant a small gap early on in the season. And you should avoid allowing that gap to become too large, just look at how it went last season."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Only yesterday, Club was informed that Wesley was allowed to play. “He's really important to the way we play, constantly working and putting lots of weight on their defense. You can always play the ball to him. He's a complete forward, someone we definitelly need. He had been fine at training, and was ready to do the job. Fortunately for us, we only had to make do without him for two fixtures. He's the type of profile that's hard to find for any team. And with Rezaei we have someone who works a lot and runs. He makes the most of the space he's offered, and that's perfect for Wesley. He's a fine forward, we knew this from his time at Charleroi. I'm happy to have him here, he completes our forward positions.” (KN)

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