Hans Vanaken: “Crucial win in view of Sunday's clash”

A burst of euphoria and a sigh of relief as Wesley headed in the winner against FC Salzburg. Hans Vanaken had trouble hiding his joy and was clearly pleased with the win on the European stage.


“Another nerve-wrecking game. Much so because we conceded another goal after a fine start to the game. That long ball troubled our defense, forcing Ethan (Horvath, edit) to leave his goal, and getting beaten by a perfect lob. A distressing way to concede a goal. It gets in your head, and you start thinking about the past few games where we dropped quite some points.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

“Fortunately we managed to clear our heads at half time, and showed the true Club Brugge in the second half. Lots of forward pressure, good use of the wings, and with the support of our fans we were able to put pressure on Salzburg. Just like the rest of us, I felt like we could take them on, and we managed to do so in the end with two fine goals. Returning from 0-1 to make it 2-1 is definitely a mental boost. A vital win in view of next Sunday's game.” (FDC)

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