Sunday 6 February 2022 17:00

Hans Vanaken: “Desperately need a good run with better football”

Even if Hans Vanaken saw a better Club Brugge than in last Wednesday Cup tie, Club Brugge could not keep Gent from scoring two times on the break.

"Things can always go better, but today's defeat was really unnecessary. We were more dominant than on Wednesday. If the result would have reflected the game, the score would have been the other way round. But we conceded two and then scored that 1-2 soon after. You can feel the energy in the team again, and we started looking for that equaliser. We were in control throughout the game, but created too little real threats."

Coach Schreuder tried reacting by making lots of changes, also in the line-up. "It's a new coach with new principles. We will always have that eagerness, but it's a different kind of game than with Clement. It's only natural that we will not be bringing our best football in just a couple of weeks. We are trying to get to that form as quickly as we can. Right now, it's a matter of getting those running lines and opportunities. No changes would have sparked reaction too. We're in a search for a system and for which players have the best skills for that system. Including a couple of new names. It's trying to turn a game around. When you're behind, it might surprise the opponent."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

The gap with the top of the table is now twelve points. "We can make up for that by winning games and getting back to our best ways. And hope that Union will start to drop some points in the weeks to come, and try to put as much pressure as we can. That's all it takes at this point. We really need a good run with better football. We'll see what happens then. Last year, we were eight or nine points ahead, and it was also tense until the very last game. It's now up to us to make that gap as tight as possible." (KN)

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