Hans Vanaken: “Did not seize our moments”

Hans Vanaken had trouble coming to terms with the draw at Kortrijk, reckoning Club deserved the win so much more than the home side.


“This doesn't bring us anywhere. I reckon we were the team that really should have won. We dominated the first half without creating big opportunities, except for Mats' effort saved by Kaminski with that wonderous reflex. In the second half, it was a more rowdy game, but you know that can happen visiting here. We should have made the most of the moments we had, but unfortunately we didn't seize them today. We should have taken the lead, and that did happen, but the goal was cancelled out. I had a great chance after that, and so did Openda, but we weren't merciless.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club is still waiting for its next away win after six league games, but Vanaken doesn't reckon there is reason to panick. "That bad run has been going on for some time, which surprises me, but I don't think we should be worried. We showed we can dominate a game today. But 10 out of 30 is absolutely not good enough. We should get back to our winning ways soon.” (JDN)

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