Sunday 24 February 2019 18:15

Hans Vanaken: “Didn't do enough with the space on the wings”

No assists for Golden Boot Vanaken against Anderlecht, but a fine performance nonetheless. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the proverbial icing on the cake.

"With only so much space in the centre, it was tough to get eye-to-eye with the keeper through the centre. We were forced to try our luck through the wings, and our two goals arrived after two great crosses. It's really a just in or just out situation with those crosses, and today we should have done more with them. Diatta did so good, but Dennis really needs to pick his moments a bit more and bring more variation to the table. Either go around and produce a cross, or cut inside and make the action. Once he gets the hang of varying this, he will be so much more dangerous. He has so many qualities, but just needs that bit extra variation, and all will work out well!" (JDN)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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