Sunday 20 September 2020 16:45

Hans Vanaken: “Found the space to play”

74 goals in 250 games for Hans Vanaken: quite some stats for his stay at Club Brugge. At Zulte-Waregem, he scored his fourth of the season.

“We expected a tough game and the coach had already warned us about a number of things. We know Zulte's the type of team willing to play football and play their own game. Which means there's bound to be space for us too. Zulte's the type of all-or-nothing team. It all started with an own-goal, which was a bit of bad luck on their side. But after that, we were in full control. We had the room to play, and had players running to create space. They tend to play an off-side system, which they did last season too. Our coaching staff added a lot of attention to this, but they didn't really play like that today. Michael kept finding the room, and we had our chances to infiltrate. It makes it very easy to play like that.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

A heading goal in the first half, and a well-timed assist in the second half for Club's Golden Boot. “I intercepted that ball from the goalkeeper, and pushed on towards the goal line. I saw Deschacht was chasing me; a scrimmage later, I still had the ball. Their defenders thought I was going to pull back to Michael, but I saw Charles by the far post, and teed him up easily." (KN)

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