Saturday 8 October 2022 23:45

Hans Vanaken: “It was just not good enough"

Club lost for the third time in the Belgian First Division. Westerlo won 0-2 and Club had nothing to do against that.

“We lost tonight because we missed too many chances", said Hans Vanaken afterwards. "We just had to score that first goal in order to end the match easily. As long as you don't do that, you give hope to a team like Westerlo. The way we have to concede two goals... it was just not good enough, it is as simple like that. We know our opponents in the Belgian First Division often play low. We then have to look for small openings. We tried that but the final ball was not always good enough. They opened the score on the counterattack. You know it will be even more difficult then because they will defend even lower then. We could almost not get through their defense then. Tiredness after Tuesday's match is not the reason for this loss. There are just matches like this where nothing turns out like you want. You sometimes have to accept matter how tough that is. Hopefully this is the last time we lose this season.” (FDC)

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