Hans Vanaken: “LASK kept us from playing fine football”

With a firm kick in the bottom right hand corner, Hans Vanaken offered Club a great first leg result. Nerves of steel were called upon as the Golden Boot was forced to await the VAR's interpretation of the off-side appeal.


“It took such a long time before I was allowed to take that penalty. Openda was sent deep really well, and was then brought down. I haven't seen it just yet, so it's hard to judge. But if the VAR validates the goal, it must have been correct. Having to wait so long was a bit of a drag, but fortunately I fired it in well. That's what mattered most.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club's usual frivolous game was hampered by the difficult pitch and the many long balls played by both sides. Club's star midfielder admitted it wasn't exactly a sight for sore eyes. “We knew this was going to be a tough one. LASK kept us from playing some fine football. Clearly both teams' tactics included the long ball. Not the fanciest of football, but to be able to score an away goal was a priority. We kept a clean sheet to boot, so that's great too. If we can give everything we've got again on Wednesday, six great games await us.” (SFK)

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