Hans Vanaken: “Learn from this”

Hans Vanaken opened the score from the penalty point one quarter before the end but Waasland-Beveren still made the equalizer.


“I felt myself well and Ruud (Vormer, nvdr) allowed me to take the penalty. The goalkeeper went to the wrong corner and I scored. We expected to win since Waasland-Beveren almost created no chances. But you know that every ball in the sixteen can be dangerous if you do not score a second time yourself. The shot of Demir would have gone next to target but Jordy's (Clasie, nvdr) intervention was unlucky. We are very disappointed now. We had enough space and chances to score a second time after our opening goal. We need to be more efficient and have to learn from this for the future." (VM)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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