Saturday 3 April 2021 23:15

Hans Vanaken: “Match to forget quickly"

After scoring twice for the Red Devils against Belarus, Hans Vanaken now scored for the Blues against KV Kortrijk.

“It was a tough match with many long balls and a lot of duels. You can of course expect that when facing Kortrijk. We tried to play our own match but that's easier said than done. You also now that playing on a small field makes it harder. Kortrijk had nothing to win or lose which made it difficult for us. We needed one good opportunity to score. At the end this is a match to forget quickly."

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Vanaken admitted that it was a soft penalty. "It was soft. There was contact but I don't know whether I would have given that penalty. But the referee pointed to the spot, so I took my responsibility. But I can understand the frustration of the opponent. I would also be frustrated when our opponent was given that penalty.” (EV)

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