Hans Vanaken: “No disgrace to be dropping the points here”

Hans Vanaken realised that Dortmund seized its moments, sending Club back emptyhandedly. Club tried, but never really merited more than the defeat.


“This Dortmund is a very solid outfit. One of the best teams in Europe, surely. The moments they get, they just capitalise on. They have a striker capable of scoring with his eyes closed. The first fine chance he got, he fired in straight away. He may have fired one wide in the first minute, but that was not an easy opportunity. After that, he came eye-to-eye with the goalkeeper, and you just know it's almost always a goal. After that, we were trailing, and left room at times. That's deadly against a team like this. They're just really good. It's no disgrace to be dropping the points here, but you sometimes get the feeling you can play football with them. That there are opportunities to compete. It's not like we haven't given it our best shot. We tried, and had the first chance of the game through Michael. If he had netted that one, you never know how the game would have ended. It's these types of moments you have to capitalise on against teams like this in the Champions League, and we failed to do so. Then they score that first goal, and you could see just how strong and relaxed they can play football. Dortmund made the most of its chances and finished them. It's really hard to play them.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Come next week, Club will be facing Zenit for a prolonged stay in Europe in 2021. “Next week's game will be crucial on our way to safeguarding that third place. We showed we can beat them over there. We should try and get that same mentality on our own pitch. And then we can hope we can fight for second place in Lazio.” (KN)

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