Hans Vanaken: “Only thing on my mind was firing it home”

Adding some more shine to his Golden Boot, Hans Vanaken scored a real belter of a goal in the final minutes of the first half, and put the cherry on top for Club with a second goal to make it a 1-2 win on the night.


“The only thing on my mind was firing it home. The ball dropped out of the air, so I really had no other option than to shoot and see where it ends up. I hit it sweetly, and it also took a bit of luck to get that curve. In any event, it came with perfect timing. That second goal wasn't an easy one either, particularly because of that bounce just before I hit it. But I managed to push it deep enough in the corner so it could go in.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Anderlecht is a bit of a preferred opponent for the Limburg midfielder, netting 10 against the team from the capital. "It's not like those games come with extra motivation. It might be that I get a bit more room in those games. We had a rough start to the game, with an eager Anderlecht side giving us a hard time. Particularly in the opening five to ten minutes. Allow them to play ball and they will, but fortunately we managed to take over quickly. Maybe we should have killed the game earlier on, but when you win 1-2, you shouldn't think about that too much.” (SF)

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