Hans Vanaken: “Plan worked to a tee"

Sixty minutes into the game, Hans Vanaken scored Club's second after Charles De Ketelaere had been fouled inside the box. Zenit suffered a second blow, and Vanaken's Club managed to sail past the Russians after a fine team performance.


“There's not a lot that can be debated as to the merit of our win. As of the very first second, we made sure we put our plan into action, and did so in style. You could see from the start that there would be a lot of room to play football. A completely different game than the one at Mouscron. We took on the game with a fine mentality and the right focus. It helps you taking the reigns in games like this. Zenit needed a win to still claim that third spot, so that was to our advantage. They were forced to come, and did so from the start. They gave away a lot of space, and sent a big part of their team up front. We had to make the most of that. It's good that we managed to take the lead too, helping us to kill the game early on. It wasn't the best Zenit, but still, beating them is not all that evident. The Champions League is still something special, a stage you want to excel on as a player, also as a Zenit player. But today was the right moment to beat them. Also in view of next week, where we get another game in which we play with the big guns. We did well, and are extremely satisfied. Our goal today was to win this one, in order to get another one next week in which we can only gain something. That's fantastic. If we managed to do so, it'll be fair to say that this has been an extraordinary campaign.” (KN)

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

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