Saturday 2 March 2019 23:45

Hans Vanaken: “Point loss Genk gave us extra boost”

Hans Vanaken tapped in the penalty kick that offered Club the win against STVV. Blauw-Zwart was unable to prove efficient, with many chances going missing; nevertheless, the Golden Boot was the match winner for Club.

“It really should have been game over much earlier on. We hadd plenty of possession in the first half, but our pace wasn't high enough. We played a game with a low block; it takes an early goal to make it an less worrying evening. We tried to force some holes in their organisation, but it took some time for that one ball to go our way.  We had a number of chances to double our lead, but as long as it was 0-0, they felt they could grab something here. In the second half, we really lifted the pace. We took the lead, and after that it was a matter of not letting go. In the final fifteen minutes of the game, we started leaning back too.”

Hans Vanaken
Hans Vanaken

Club is now nearing Genk. "Before we manned the pitch, we knew we could be drawing closer today. That was an extra boost. But we really should watch our own games, and then see how Genk is doing. We managed to reduce the gap, and that was what we intended to do when we were eleven points behind. This is downright great for us, gives us plenty of confidence. Genk has been dominating the league for a long time, but they're now having some games where they are dropping the points, we should make the most of that."


It's plain to see that Club's level is on the rise. "We put lots of pressure and play a forward game. In possession, we offer our defenders some breathing space and rest. Just pile on the pressure, and get the crowd to join us. All together, we can create a fabulous pace. It's great to be beating a team the likes of STVV, a fine team with a sturdy block in the back, which has its rightful place in Play-off 1. Now we're off to Eupen, a fiesty opponent. A rough away game, so we need to take on that game well.” (KN)

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